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Month: February 2016

I would prefer to take the classes at Lowe’s or Home Depot

I would prefer to take the classes at Lowe’s or Home Depot

I have decided to get the living room, dining room and kitchen done right away. Part of the family room will need to be done as well, but we are thinking of “patching” that, like a 6′ x 6′ area that is really destroyed and not the whole floor at once, depending on the cost.

The kitchen and dining room are connected, and I am leaning towards getting tile put in there. The living room, I would like pergo type flooring, maybe in bamboo, then top with an area rug.

The way our home is done, we enter the dining room from the garage. So, whatever is there will get lots of wear and tear. Right now, it has wall to wall light beige carpeting. Remember, we go in and out of this area repeatedly every single day entering our garage. Imagine what it looks like!!!!!!!! Whatever were the previous owners thinking????????????????????????????????

At this moment, I would prefer to take the classes at Lowe’s or Home Depot and install the tile ourselves. That would save us a lot of money on labor costs alone. Every now and then, I get completely fed up with looking at it and consider just having the people there do the whole job, just to have it over and done with, since I am tired of looking at the carpet and I am tired of cleaning it. I so want the wall to wall carpet in this house gone like yesterday!!!!!

here is a good video on tile installation:

However, we will work on it room by room. The dining room has to be done sooner than later and the kitchen should be done at the same time, just for consistency sake. The living room can wait awhile. The family room needs to be done because the carpet is destroyed and we spend a lot of time there. We have to wait for the dog’s departure before spending the money on it though or it is going to be a complete waste.

Carpeting, if complete wall to wall, we will hire someone to do it.

If just patching the area, we will do it ourselves and use the carpet seaming tape and iron the area. DIY network walks you through it step by step. Not that hard to do. I feel that we can do it.

DuPont flooring, a laminate also much like the name-brand PERGO has the underlayment included so you just put it down. No need to lay a foam under it.

I stripped up 20+ years old carpet and painted my concrete slab throughout the house. I am going to think of new floor …like vinyl tiles… in the early summer. I only need to fill in some pock marks and level down some bumps in the floor slab to make tiles or whatever look good.

That collector has only to get $550.00 more, and then I am free of them… That’s what I’ll buy the vinyl tiles with after a couple of months… Paying cash for the tiles and Baseboards. At least for my room. Then, after a couple of months more, will get the hall and front done. I’m hoping by next Christmas to have my flooring all done.

I know a contractor up the street who will do it for cheap, and he’s good. But, for those who do not know a contractor, check with neighbourhood volunteer things and Senior centers. Semi-retirees sometimes take odd jobs for folks for a stipend to augment their pensions, but they’re not “OLD”, they are usually a year or two out of their old jobs and need activity. Some churches also have volunteer groups to help neighbours out for a smaller than average fee if you buy the materials.