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Month: October 2016

I have a couple of bankruptcy questions

I have a couple of bankruptcy questions

Good Morning all!

I’m fairly new to the blog, but I have a couple of questions. I have been working on my credit report and one of my utility bills is on there.

Now, back in June 2010, I went through a divorce and filled bankruptcy because I was a stay at home mom with no income and left to foot all the bills. I had discharged in my bankruptcy my gas bill which was around the sum of $2K. My bankruptcy discharged in June 2011.

I first pulled my credit report in 2014 sometime and the gas company is on there, but they say the account was opened in 08/2001 (impossible because i. was living in an apartment that did not use gas for anything) and that it was closed 04/2001? Huh! What! It closed before it even opened! Then it has charge-off 06/202012.

In 2014, I was suppose to move into an apartment ( feb 1 05) that had gas for heat and hot water and i. contacted the gas company, they agreed to turn my gas on but I had to sign a Cromwell letter acknowledging the amount previously owed (2K). I agreed and they came and connected my gas, but I had problems getting the lights on in the new apartment because they didn’t pass the city inspection and the whole house had to be rewired, so the landlord moved me into another one of his apartments ( Mind you I never used gas at this apartment or physically lived there), once again I contacted the gas company and told them the problem and they turned off gas at old place and turned on gas to where I was actually residing in Feb 14.

In March 14, I received a gas bill for 266.00 for the apartment that I never physically lived in and when contacted the gas company they told me not to worry about that bill that an adjustment would be made because they had it in there records that I never lived there and had the gas disconnected and turned on elsewhere. Well, well, well, once again on my credit report is another listing from the gas company for 266.00 opened 05/2005 closed 07/2005 and in collections.

How do I address these or dispute these on my credit report is my question?

Thanks so much for any help. I’m still going over my credit report and i. might have more questions for the blog community later, but I appreciate any and all help/suggestions you can give me.