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Month: November 2016

I just got a copy of my credit report

I just got a copy of my credit report

I just got a copy of my credit report. I have four charge offs accounts listed. How long do charge offs account stay on your credit report? What is the best way of getting them taking off? I have heard about calling the company and asking for a settlement, and if so how would that effect my credit rating.

Two charge offs are duplicate accounts that have beed paid. Should these accounts be on my CR even though it been paid? Thanks in advance for any advice.

Hi, You can contact the credit report agency to tell them something isn’t right. The agency will contact the creditor to attempt to get it corrected. Sometimes it gets corrected right away. As for other things they will stay on your report for seven years. Things like bankruptcy can stay for ten years.

I’m almost done with the collectors, and when I talked to him at the office via phone, he said they do send out a letter of completion, however they are not a reporting agency, so he said I should also take the letter and report this to the major credit agencies.

So, if I ned to do this, what way is bet? Call the EQUIFAX, ESPIRION and such, or just mail out copies to them? What other agencies exist that I should contact if I need to?

You can write and dispute the duplicate entries. You can write and post a statement that they have been paid off, which will be put on your credit report for anyone who pulls it in the future to see. They will stay on there 7 years. You can pay a settlement that you negotiate with the creditor, but get it in writing first. The credit report will say something like “Paid for less than full amount” or something. Not the most favorable wording, but it’s there for creditors, not for you.

The charge offs account will stay on your reports for 7 years starting the last date the creditor stops reporting to the credit bureaus.

The best way to get them taken off is to write to the 3 credit bureaus and claim these account as “not mine.” There’s a good chance they will come back verified, but you might luck out (like I did) and get a few deleted because they weren’t able to verify it.