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Need tips on cash advance service

Need tips on cash advance service

Hello folks,

I have a question in regards to loan companies. we own our house – its paid for – have no real payments. but our credit stinks. now when the hurricanes came through 2 years ago, we got hit with the eyes of all three hurricanes, over our house. got slight roof damage, for which the insurance paid us a pittance. got a leaky roof over our room addition, which is not hurricane related.

The roof over the room addition is sheetmetal, and over the house wood + shingles. its old and needs replacing.

Do you have any suggestions to a fair lending company, for a home improvement loan?? we would like to replace the roof, convert the carport into an extra room and the beatup front porch into a permanent glassed in Florida room. it would give us a whole lot more living space. we have 6 people living in a house that has less than 1000 sq ft. and no storage/ closet space to talk of.

Home equity loan??

I would appreciate suggestions and hopefully a good company that would approve a loan for us.


Have you considered cash advance instead of home equity loan? If you need just a small amount of money (up to $1000) in my opinion you should choose payday loan from I used it and had only good experience.