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Negotiate with Credit Card companies

Negotiate with Credit Card companies

What is the best way to negotiate with credit card companies? Does anyone know how they deal with different situations? If I can’t pay is it better to wait and be 90 days late before I start trying to talk down the debt? Will they really cut your debt if you work out a payment plan? Any info is appreciated. Thanks

I have a credit card w/ capital one. I missed to payments. I told them I was going through a financial hardship. They gave me two months w/free APR no interest. That was better than nothing. I ended up taking advantage and payed off my entire balance.

I say the best way to solve this is to try to come up with the money to start paying off the debt and to not go into debt further. Can you sell some assets or borrow money from family or friends? Focus on the positive, not the negative. Thanks.

I just read that Cap One is one of the worst CC companies

I just read that Cap One is one of the worst CC companies

I just read that Cap One is one of the worst CC companies for making money off late fees and over the limit fees. They give customers multiple cards with lower limits and they count on them getting maxed out and paid late. I personally have 3 Cap One cards that I now want to get paid off as soon as possible and get rid of just because of their way of doing business.

I must agree w/you. I do not plan to use my ever again but It would not be a good idea for me to close the card b/c it will look bad on my credit report.

I know what you are saying. I have been married to a military man for over 22 years and that is why I am a member of USAA. We are currently getting a divorce, but I can keep my USAA membership. We always kept our finances separate and I never thought of banking with USAA. My husband never mentioned much about them. To me they were where we had the insurance which my husband always paid for.

When he moved out I had to get my own policies and found out so much about USAA so now do all of my banking there. I honestly feel like I have been saved from the sharks at Bank Of America. I never had any problems with them as far as checking but since I didn’t have direct deposit, I always had to keep a high balance in my checking acount in order to avoid a monthly fee.

From what I have read a Credit Union is also a good place to bank if you can join one. Other than that, one just has to be so careful. Some of these financial institutions are just outrageous and what is even more outrageous is the US Government who allows them to get by with so much. Read the book Maxed Out. You can probably get it at a library if you don’;t want to buy a copy.

To be honest – I would love to live totally without credit cards. I am using them much, much less than in the past. My goal is to pay off all of the debts as soon as possible and find other ways to live.

We are thinking of buying carpet & floor tiles for our home soon. We must replace what is currently there, which has been entirely destroyed by an aging dog, but that’s another story. Anyhow, we are thinking of going over to Lowe’s or Home Depot or one of our local flooring places for the stuff. We have not gone yet, even to look. Anybody know what the finance rates/payments are like for these places? I am thinking that it may be better to just finance it somehow instead of opening a credit card account through one of the stores, which being an independent department store, are usually around 26% or so. Ridiculous.

Are you planning to install flooring or hire someone? I know Home Depot uses Citibank, but not sure if they have their own finance deal. Not sure about Lowes. What kind of flooring are you looking for?

Depending on my situation in the next 6 months I want to replace all the flooring on the main floor of this house and the stairway going upstairs. My neighbor has Pergo and likes it. I know there are other faux wood floorings now so I am going to check around. I want the whole main floor to be laminate. I’ll get some area rugs where needed. I’m hoping to find someone who will do this as a side job and not charge be as much as a co would.